Ergonomics and Design

“Made by Wilfried Nill”

Wilfried Nill
  • Wilfried Nill (born 1965 in Tübingen)
  • Active in sport shooting (air/sport pistol, pistol/rifle in large caliber, shotgun/skeet) since 1975
  • Working in the Karl Nill company since 1978
    • in the production sector until 1987
    • in the sector of product development and design since 1987
    • technical manager and associate from 1987 to 2000
    • managing partner since 2000 (continuation of the family-owned enterprise in 2nd generation)
  • Foundation of Ergosign in 1998

Decades of experience as an active sport shooter, the development and fabrication of ergonomic grips for pistols and revolvers and of many accessories as well as the involved mechanical understanding for production processes and their transformation with CAD/CAM and CNC technologies are the basis for the realization of innovative products.
Many well-known manufacturers of firearms (like Heckler & Koch, Hämmerli, Walther, Sig Sauer) were able to successfully realize numerous projects in direct cooperation with Wilfried Nill.

Wilfried Nill – a life for sport shooting.

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