What is hidden in a fully adjustable stock system? The modular construction of the patented system is identified on the basis of the exploded drawing, whose detailed design serves as simplification for orders of accessories and spare parts (e. g. higher clamping collar for high ribs, balancer, screws etc.).

Available for:

  • Beretta: DT10, DT11, DT11 ACS, DT11 X-Trap, 682/686, 692, 692 X-Trap, ASE Gold, ASE 90
  • Blaser: F3, F3 SuperSport
  • Krieghoff: K-32, K-80, K-80 ProSporter, Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special, Krieghoff K-80 Doppeltrap Special
  • Perazzi: MX8, MX2000, MX2000/3, MX2005, MX2008, High Tech, High Tech 3, High Tech 5, High Tech 8
  • Renato Gamba: Daytona K2, Carrera, Star Cup
  • Caesar Guerini: Invictus, Temper, Tempio, Challenger, Summit, Summit Black
  • Browning: 325, 425, 525, GTI, GTS
  • Miroku: MK38, MK60, MK70, 3800
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