The shooter in the focus of attention

Satisfied and successful customers are the best reference. Please find below a short excerpt from the list of the national and international top shooters who have decided to actively use our fully adjustable Ergosign EvoComp stock system.

Vincent Hancock

Vincent Hancock (USA), Skeet

Peter Wilson

Peter Robert Russell Wilson (GBR), Double Trap

Hakan Dahlby

HÃ¥kan Dahlby (SWE), Double Trap, Trap

Vasily Mosin

Vasily Mosin (RUS), Double Trap


Gabriele Rossetti (ITA), Skeet


Richard Bognar (HUN), Double Trap

Ahmed Al Maktoum

Ahmed Al Maktoum (UAE), Double Trap


Andreas Chasikos (CYP), Skeet


Abbey Ling (GBR), Trap


Vitaly Fokeev (RUS), Double Trap

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