Standard version

The standard version of our stocks comprises the following configuration:

  • Grip with finger grooves, Rhomlas® surface structure in the sizes XL/L/M/S for right hand or left hand shooters
  • Stock length adjustment of approx. 340-390 mm
  • Drop of butt plate approx. 40-60 mm middle section 4°
  • Adjustable comb R33 (36/36 – 42/46 mm) for skeet/sporting, alternatively comb R38 (28/28 – 37/41 mm) for trap or for a very small distance between cheek-bone and eye
  • Fully adjustable stock ending with a butt plate made of walnut wood and a partial rubber pad, alternatively with a butt plate made of elastomere (for trap or sporting)
  • Grip and comb made of walnut
  • Aluminium parts with black coloured or titanium coloured (only middle section) coating
Picture: Perazzi MX8 with grip in size XL, comb R38, butt plate for sporting

Skeleton version

Compared to the standard version the middle section of the stock is skeletal. This provides the stock with an even more technical appearance and reduces its weight by approx. 15 grams. The skeleton version is available for a stock length of 340-390 mm and 360-430 mm.

Picture: Renato Gamba Daytona with a grip in size L, comb R33, butt plate in walnut

Skeleton version Ultra Light

Compared with the previous skeleton light version (see above), we could reduce the weight of the EvoComp Ultra Light by another 50 grams. This alteration provides the stock system an even more technical appearance. If a shooter requires an extra light stock (with a total weight of e.g. 780 grams), we have the possibility to use an appropriate wood and to adapt it to very light barrels – to reach an optimal adjustment of the shotgun’s balance on the fully adjustable Ergosign EvoComp.

More pictures you can find under "Ergosign-Product News".

Picture: Beretta DT11 with a grip in size M, comb R33, butt plate in walnut

Shortened version of 20 mm

For smaller shooters or for shooters with short arms a shortened version is additionally available with an adjustment range of 320 to approx. 360 mm in length. This version can only be delivered with aluminium parts in black colour (not in skeleton). Moreover, the combs are 20 mm shorter.

Picture: Beretta 682 Gold E with grip in size S, comb RS33, butt plate in grenadille

20 mm extended version

For tall shooters or marksmen with long arms we can offer an extended version with an adjusting range of 370 to approx. 450 mm length. This version is only available with black aluminium parts (in skeleton) and can be supplied as an option for all stock configurations.

Picture: Caesar Guerini Invictus, grip size L, comb R38, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

5 mm lowered middle section and standardized grip

Compared to the previous standard versions, there are two main differences:

  1. The middle section has been lowered by 5 mm. This means that the adjustment range of the butt plate can now be adjusted from ca. 45 mm to ca. 65 mm. The drop of the butt plate also moves 5mm downwards.
  2. The ergonomically shaped, somewhat steeper pistol grip offers more gripping flexibility due to its more open design – and yet still lies perfectly in the hand. It is available in the sizes L and M for right and left hand shooters with the grippy Rhomlas® surface.
Picture: Beretta DT11 with grip in size L (standardized version), comb R36, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Clamping collar +10 mm for heightened ribs of approx. 10-15 mm

By mounting a heightened clamping collar of approx. 10 mm between the middle section and the comb the drop can be adapted to the heightened rib (e.g. Perazzi MX2000/3, MX10, Beretta X-Trap, Caesar Guerini etc.).

Picture: Beretta DT10 with grip in size M, comb R38, clamping collar +10, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Clamping collar +20 mm for heightened ribs of approx. 20-25 mm

Our clamping collars offer the best possible flexibility in adjustment for shotguns which need a modified drop (even after the additional mounting of heightened ribs). Further differences in height can be balanced through the possibility of choosing heightened combs with its range of adjustment.

Picture: Blaser F3 with special barrel rib or e.g. F3 Super Trap, grip in size M, comb R38, clamping collar +20, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Clamping collar +30 mm for heightened ribs of approx. 30-35 mm

See above descriptions, clamping collar however 30 mm higher.

Picture: Krieghoff K-80 with sighting rib, double trap special, grip in size L, comb R38, clamping collar +30, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Version TR 1°

This version is particularly recommendable for shooters who have a short neck and a high gun position. The drop is adjustable from approx. 35-55 mm. The comb has been drawn for approx. 5 mm forwards, the drop is parallel to the rib at the front/at the back. Pitch 93° to 85° (Special version +4° is adjustable from approx. 93° to 81°).

Picture: Beretta 692, grip size L, comb R38 0CTR, butt plate in elastomere (trap)

Version TR +10 1°

In comparison to the previous system (TR 1°) the drop of the butt plate is adjusted by approx. 10 mm in height. This configuration can be used as a base for the MX2000/3 (and other shotguns with a heightened rib of 10-15 mm) in connection with a +10 mm clamping collar for a 20-25 mm heightened rib or with a +20 mm clamping collar for a 30-55 mm heightened rib.

Picture: MX2000/3 with grip in size L, middle section in skeleton, comb R38 0CTR10, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Special version Perazzi MX2005 + 20 0°

On request of various double trap top shooters, we have developed further stock configurations with removable trigger group for the Perazzi production series. In this special version the complete back stock part is raised to the level of the barrel rib on MX2005, so that the drop is correspondingly adjusted. The result is that the recoil of the shotgun is straighter to the shoulder and that the muzzle jump is considerably more influenced by the pitch adjustment (in comparison to stocks in standard version).

Picture: Perazzi MX2005 with orthopaedic grip, comb R43 0C, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)

Special version Perazzi MX2008 +30 0°

See above description, but adapted to the MX2008.

Picture: Perazzi MX2008 with orthopaedic grip, comb R43 0C, butt plate in elastomere (for trap)
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